How do I sign up?

You can sign up at our classes but we will soon enable online registration

Can I register for classes anytime?

Yes you can classes at any time thru the year and the sessions attendance will begin from your first class.

I am or my child is new to martial arts. Is that okay?

Yes! All our classes are designed for a mix of levels to improve and learn together.

I feel intimidated! Where should I start?

We have new students starting all the time and it doesn’t matter what level you are at. You can join any of our programs. Generally, beginners will be at the back of the line and extra instruction will be given to catch up.

I am a senior, or I am clumsy, or feel too weak. Can I still take Kung Fu classes?

Yes, you can take the regular kung fu classes. You may also be interested in beginner’s Kung Fu for one hour or Gentle Shaolin Fit, a program designed for seniors and people with disabilities or injuries. You can participate in the exercises at your own pace and capability. As you progress you will naturally become stronger, faster, flexible, and more coordinated.

How does your ‘belt system’ work and what are the fees?

Our Shaolin system for Kung Fu training is not based on belt colours. Children are taught self-awareness and to strive for improvement. Therefore there are no hidden fees or additional fees associated with learning Shaolin Kung Fu. We do require any annual membership fee which is collected at the start of classes. This fee is used by a charity to promote Shaolin Cultural activities.

What is the appropriate attire and shoes?

Every student must wear their STQI school uniform including t-shirt, kung fu pants, and Feiyue shoes during classes. If you have a foot condition requiring special shoes please ensure your shoes are white.

Is Shaolin a religion and will my child partake in any religious activities?

Shaolin culture follows Chan Philosophy which is not a religion from our point of view. We do not chant, pray, or worship or enforce this philosophy on students. There are no religious practices employed or taught at our school.